What Does ‘October’ Mean To You? Let Us Know in Words or Pictures

Happy October to Vectors readers!

The folks at Vectors love this month. It’s not just the looming candy and creepy costumes that give Halloween its unique flavor. It isn’t the disappearance of chlorophyll from our green and soon-to-be-greenless leaves, and the crunch of leaf piles that look like color pallets. It’s more than the familiar Americana of the World Series, and football season.

We also love that the academic year is still in its earlier stages, but also fully realized. Teachers and students are truly settled in.

We love that the name of the month comes from the Latin “octo” – eight – even though it’s the tenth month in our calendar. (January and February were later additions.)

We love feeling the days get shorter, the sunsets earlier, the temperatures cooler, the bedtimes cozier.

We love knowing that we’re in this together, across the northern hemisphere – and the fact that in the southern hemisphere, precisely the opposite is happening!

We like pumpkin spice everything. Sorry (not sorry)!

We love the classic U2 album “October” – which is, believe it or not, 35 years old this month. Has any epic rock band’s second album – the toughest album to pass muster – ever been so poetic about spirituality, about being alive? That’s rhetorical. But… perhaps not!

So in the spirit of the tenth month and the , we would love to read, and see, what October means to you – with your prose, or your digital photography. Teachers, students, and combinations thereof are invited to submit your “October” essays and photos. We will publish our favorites later this autumn.

  • Please adhere to a 500-word maximum on essays.
  • Please send us the names of everyone in the photo, as they would like it to appear in Vectors – plus everyone’s campus and grade for students, and campus and subjects/classes taught for teachers!
  • The iPhone is a great way to send photos – choose the “medium” setting, with regard to file size.
  • Please email your submissions to vectors@basised.com.

Thanks in advance, and have a great month!

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