‘A Lesson In Learning’ CBS News doesn't overbid as it profiles BASIS Independent Silicon Valley

If you’re a fan of “The Price Is Right” – well, have we got a story about BASIS Curriculum Schools for you.

Truth told: this is a worthy link even if you’re not a Showcase Showdown aficionado.

The BASIS Curriculum Schools network is featured in a CBS News story, which ran on national television on CBS This Morning – Saturday. The piece first aired on June 2, 2018.

The story, which is datelined in San Jose, California on the campus of BASIS Independent Silicon Valley, is viewable online. Please click here to read and watch the online story and full television piece on the CBS website; or, you can click ahead to watch the story on CBS’ YouTube channel.

CBS News producers pitched BASIS Curriculum Schools earlier in the academic year and, in particular, asked to take a closer look at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley to explore the network’s, and the school’s, high achievement and unique curricular program. Producers also popped into BASIS Independent Manhattan as they put together the piece.

If the final product is any indication, it appears that the visiting reporting crew was not disappointed with its pitch and production.

“I think the CBS News team did a good job of showing the kind of energy that our students exhibit and our teachers produce in our classrooms,” said BASIS Independent Silicon Valley Head of School Toby Walker. “It was exciting to have them, and the story turned out great!”

BASIS Independent Silicon Valley was among the two founding private schools to open in the BASIS Curriculum Schools network. Along with BASIS Independent Brooklyn, BINS SV welcomed students in the fall of 2014. Walker has been with the school since its founding and is completing his third year as Head of School; he is a veteran of our network, having previously taught at BASIS Scottsdale and previously served as Director of Student Affairs in San Jose.

We think you’ll love the piece! Here, again, is the link.

  • A screenshot from CBS News' "A Lesson in Learning: A Look Inside Silicon Valley's BASIS Private Schools," 6/2/18.
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