BASIS Heads of School react to the Astounding U.S. News & World Report Rankings

Because we keep hearing from you, we know how proud students and families are of the new 2018 U.S. News & World Report rankings – and, it bears repeating, that pride emanates not just from the seven ranked schools, but from all 31 BASIS Curriculum School campuses.

Of course, the rankings didn’t stop students, teachers, and administrators from doing what they do – but we asked for a quick bit of reaction from some of the ranked schools’ Heads of School, which you can see below.

Jayme DunnJayme Dunn, BASIS Peoria Head of School
I know that both students and staff at BASIS Peoria are once again thrilled to be ranked among the best in the country – and ranked alongside other top performing BASIS Curriculum Schools. It is our continued pursuit of excellence that motivates and drives us both inside and outside of the classroom. Our entire community works hard, and deserves this recognition.

Corey HartmanCorey Hartman, BASIS Flagstaff Head of School
I am so thrilled that the commitment of all the extraordinary people who work in this school and have built it into such a wonderful learning community has been recognized in such a prestigious, public way. We’re quite proud to represent our school, and the BASIS Curriculum Schools network.

Kristen JordisonKristen Jordison, BASIS Scottsdale Head of School
We are honored to be recognized for a second straight year as the top school in the nation. Our talented teachers, our hard-working students, and our curricular model all deserve recognition for their contribution to this excellent external achievement.

As a school community devoted to student success, rankings are not what we specifically strive for – but the rankings show that the educational outcomes we hope to deliver to each individual student are happening. We are of course all pleased, and being the top school in the nation is a bit surreal – yet again! I am very proud of our students and teachers for their continued pursuit of excellence.

BASIS Tucson North Head of SchoolErin Paradis, BASIS Tucson North Head of School
We are honored to be recognized as one of the top schools in the nation and to be in the company of our fellow BASIS Curriculum Schools. BASIS Tucson North has a long history of success, and we continue to challenge our students, teachers, and staff to strive for excellence every year. Being recognized with a ranking is just one of the many measures we have to highlight the hard work of our students, the dedication of our teachers, the rigors of our BASIS Curriculum, and the support we foster for one another in our school community.

Stephanie Terrell - BASIS Chandler Head of SchoolStephanie Terrell, BASIS Phoenix Head of School, and former BASIS Chandler Head of School
I am so thrilled for all of the BASIS Curriculum Schools – those that are ranked, of course, but all of the schools which share the use of and commitment to the BASIS Curriculum! When you combine high expectation in the classroom, with teachers who are dedicated and passionate about learning, you get students educated at the highest level. We know this, but the recognition is worthy for students, parents, and teachers and staff alike. We will take a day to celebrate, but then it’s back to work to finish this year.

In my short time at BASIS Phoenix, I see the same quality of excellence that I saw at BASIS Chandler. The same passion and commitment runs across both high schools. Congratulations, all!

Elizabeth Thies - BASIS Oro Valley Head of SchoolElizabeth Thies, BASIS Oro Valley Head of School
These results are absolutely due to the hard work, dedication, and passion of our community as a whole. Our staff, faculty, parents, students, teachers, and my fellow administrators all play a vital role in our success. I just can’t say enough about the work ethic of our BASIS Oro Valley students.

I am constantly thrilled about the amount of collaboration that occurs at our school and I believe that it is this cohesiveness that ultimately leads to our success. Our teachers believe in the potential of our students and our students believe that our teachers truly care about their success and well-being. It is one of the main reasons why the BASIS Oro Valley community is so special. We all buy in.

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