We Do Data EdTech Magazine Looks at Schools and Districts Using High Tech Info Gathering To Deliver for Students

The BASIS Curriculum has connected the foundations of traditional education with the needs and opportunities of the future for twenty years. (Yes indeed – the 20th anniversary of the network approaches – this autumn!)

Our classrooms are often described as traditional: teachers teach, students learn, and there are white boards and textbooks and notebooks and pencils strewn about. High-tech classroom tools and tablets and hardware and software, while at-times present, are mostly, usually, in the background.

However, when it comes to the high-tech, cutting edge use of data, the BASIS Curriculum Schools network is at the forefront. Our network uses technology and data to inform teacher hiring, student learning, and curricular advancement, with consistency. Data is one of the things that makes the BASIS Curriculum and BASIS Curriculum Schools, what they are. It’s what makes us able to do the thing we do: give students the opportunity for excellent academic and educational outcomes.

A publication called EdTech Magazine noticed. They called. They were intrigued… and intrigue turned into a really nice article (read it by clicking here), which looks at schools and districts using data and tech. The reporter spoke with several BASIS Curriculum Schools network execs, and we think it’s pretty unique, and well worth reading.


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