Backing up BASIS Curriculum Schools Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane Appreciates the Network, and What It Does For Students

Mayor Jim Lane of Scottsdale (photo credit: Scottsdale Independent)
Mayor Jim Lane of Scottsdale (photo credit: Scottsdale Independent)
We know what the BASIS Curriculum is all about: delivering to our students, all across the world, the opportunity to learn at a world-class level. We know our high school program produces amazing graduates who earn the BASIS Diploma, and that our Senior Projects program is unlike anything in American education. We know that our middle school students are introduced to separate sciences, economics, and other courses that are off the beaten path in American education. And we know that our primary grade students and even our early learners are beneficiaries of a unique Learning Expert Teacher – Subject Expert Teacher model that is familiar to those of us in the network’s many school communities by now, but still among our newer and truly intriguing and successful educational innovations.

We know all of this. We know that you know it, too.

But it’s nice when someone else acknowledges what the BASIS Curriculum Schools network means to a city, a state, and a community, as Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane recently wrote in this op-ed in the Scottsdale Independent.

We think it’s worth a look, and perhaps a share.

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