Making Education Better Via a Blockbuster New Partnership The Better Education Company, from the co-founders of BASIS Charter Schools, will help students nationwide

The network of BASIS Charter Schools has long been known for facilitating and fomenting excellent student outcomes through two primary pillars:

  1. The high-achieving BASIS Charter School Curriculum, which will begin its 22nd year of educating students to the highest international standards later in 2020; and
  2. Our bright, passionate, subject-expert teachers – whether they’re teaching primary school students, middle school students, or high school students.

But our acclaimed curriculum, and our insightful teachers, didn’t appear out of the ether.

The Better Education logoRather, the founders of our network and the educators and analysts they hired have developed, improved, and perfected ways to analyze exactly what our curriculum should teach, and how our teachers should teach it, over more than two decades of educating students.

The academic program is great, but it needs constant assessment and improvement. And finding the right teachers for our schools is one thing, but sharpening the pedagogy and helping them help students is also a consistent part of what we do, and have always done.

And now, that manner of analysis – our way of constantly improving — is being exported to help other schools, networks, districts, and educators across the United States. From the founders of BASIS Charter Schools comes a new entity called The Better Education Company, which will continue our network’s mission to improve education. The Better Education Company will adapt and implement our successful and nuanced techniques to capture, analyze, and actuate data to improve student outcomes for other educational institutions nationwide.

Further, we are proud to announce that The Better Education Company has signed a partnership agreement with Janison, the Sydney, Australia-based provider of online assessment platforms that brings efficient digital assessment to schools around the world. Together, the partnership will serve to promote and provide the OECD Test for Schools (a test that provides a benchmark calibrated to the PISA scale) exclusively in the United States.

BASIS Charter School students have been taking the OECD Test for Schools (based on PISA) for many years – and the students and educators in our network have been well-served by the exam, which focuses not just on what students know, but on how they apply what they know. In addition, the OECD Test for Schools – which is taken by students who are 15-years-old — also assesses student satisfaction – a measurement that is no less useful than the exam itself, and that is altogether unique in student assessment. (You can see how our students fared in the most recent OECD Test for Schools results in the 2019-2020 issue of Outcomes Magazine).

The Better Education Company just does what we do – but it’ll be doing that for more students, in more places. Together, we’ll make education better!

Please see the recent press release announcing the partnership between Janison and The Better Education Company.

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