There’s Room Aboard the Data Bandwagon Voice of America's Piece on Empowering Schools

We wanted to alert you of a pretty cool piece on the Voice of America website.

The piece focuses on the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, or OECD, and its quest to help school systems on the nation, regional, and local levels improve student outcomes and provide education reforms where they’re needed… through data.

BASIS Ahwatukee girlSound familiar? It should. This is what we do – and thus our network is a focus of the piece. BASIS Curriculum Schools, from the network’s academic leaders and their oversight of the BASIS Curriculum, down to individual schools, academic departments, and teachers, use data in many forms. We constantly assess how well we’re teaching, how to utilize what is working well across the network, and how to improve on what isn’t working as well as we desire.

In fact, OECD itself knows very well that the BASIS Curriculum Schools network embraces data. That’s why, in its recently-launched program called “pisa4u” (read, ‘PISA for you’), OECD is highlighting our data embrace. And that’s why we’re a part of this cool piece.

Oh – and there is even a video of our co-founders in the Voice of America article, (scroll about halfway down), which you can find, here.

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