“There is nothing else quite like BASIS in the country today.”

Jay Mathews is a veteran Washington Post education reporter who has been assessing American schools for more than two decades. He is education journalism’s foremost expert on education, and the thoughtful, hard-truth-seeking brain behind the revered rankings lists that the Post publishes every spring (and which have seven BASIS Curriculum Schools on this year’s two main lists, America’s Most Challenging High Schools, and the Public Elites.).

Student art in a BASIS Curriculum School hallway
Student art in a BASIS Curriculum School hallway
This week, Mathews’ column is something we thought you’d like to see. While Mathews knows much about our network of BASIS Curriculum Schools, and has written about us before, today’s column presents the kind of straightforward explanation of what our network does that is very rare to find in modern journalism.

The title of this Vectors piece, above, is a line from Mathews’ column – a line that we know is true, but rarely acknowledge out loud, since we’re usually rather busily focused on educating students and sharpening our laser-focused BASIS Curriculum.

But it’s a sentence and sentiment about which we’re extremely proud – not just today, but every day. We hope you enjoy the piece; you can find it here.

Full story at The Washington Post

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