Stairs of Life at BASIS Tucson North

Here at Vectors, as spring approaches, we’re hoping to post more of the artwork that students produce at the 26 BASIS Curriculum Schools in our network. We see some of that work when we walk the halls on our various campuses, and we know that there’s quite a bit of impressive visual poetry coming from our vibrant art classes.

We are grateful to BASIS Tucson North art teacher Porter McDonald and HOPS Alex Keichner for letting us know about the a project which they’re calling “Stairs of Life.”

Here’s what they sent us, explaining the project.

The “Stairs of Life” photography mural was part of a public art unit within the photography class at BASIS Tucson North, for 8th through 12th graders. Prior to the project, students and administrators agreed that our school needed more color and artwork on the walls, and we also wanted to support the five pillars of our school: Respect, Excellence, Accountability, Community, and Honesty (“REACH”).

In a multiday, collaborative effort, students decided to visualize the concept by showing life size portraits of BASIS Tucson North students.

At the bottom of the stairs we see a 5th grader.

Moving up the stairs into the light of a large window, the shade of blue gets darker and the subjects in the portraits get older.

At the very top of the stairs, (and at the bottom of the gallery in this article, below), we see a BASIS Tucson North alum.

Each student is looking up toward their future, except for the alum, who is kindly looking down ready to help the next generation.

One note from the Vectors Team – the students are all a year older now than in the description above! Their current ages are listed in the captions, below.

Thanks to Porter, Alex, and the photography students at BASIS Tucson North… plus the portrait subjects below!

Shcuyler Consolacion - 6th grade
Shcuyler Consolacion – 6th grade

Sasha McDonald - current 8th grader
Sasha McDonald – current 8th grader

Archie Shahidullah – current 11th grader

Pablo Vazquez - current 12th grader (Class of 2017)
Pablo Vazquez – current 12th grader (Class of 2017)

Demi Bang - Class of 2016 graduate
Demi Bang – Class of 2016 graduate

Christina Billhartz – BASIS Tucson North Class of 2015 (and current BASIS.ed employee)

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  1. Love Love Love this!! Our students are quite willing to apply themselves in complex, intriguing projects. I am glad we respond to tath impetus.

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