B-I Takes a Look at BINS A Unique Profile of a Unique Campus in California

BASIS Independent Silicon Valley, one of the two founding independent schools in our network (along with BASIS Independent Brooklyn), is finishing its fourth year of serving students in the Bay Area.

However, it’s deservedly receiving some attention a lot like our network’s more aged campuses!

As you may have read in Vectors, Business Insider toured BASIS Scottsdale last fall, and the senior reporter Melia Robinson was impressed with that campus, but also with the BASIS Curriculum Schools network itself. She told us that she’d like to take a look at one of our newer campuses that was keeping clearly pace, doing what she had seen the BASIS Curriculum do with an established school and community. Given her proximity to the Bay Area, together we thought BASIS Independent Silicon Valley was worth a look.

“We’re always happy to tell someone who is interested about our laboratories of learning,” said Head of School Toby Walker. “We’re not here for the notoriety, but as long as it doesn’t interfere with the real work that our students and teachers do, we’re fine with it!”

The result was a lovely day for Ms. Robinson in San Jose, and a very nice piece showcasing, yet again, what the BASIS Curriculum is doing not just at this newly-profiled school, but across the network.

You can read the piece right here. Enjoy!

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