School Is What We Do. Welcome Back!

To BASIS.ed students and families, teachers and staff, we warmly welcome you back to school!

The start of a school year is a glorious time for us. Not just the “us” who work in our schools, support our program from BASIS.ed, or spend our lives educating students. It’s a glorious time for our entire learning community, because school is what we do.

  • For our teachers, who have spent the summer reviewing and renewing the lessons they teach and the manner in which they teach them, getting students back in the classroom is the most welcome of tangible returns-on-investment of their effort and energy. School is what they do!
  • For our administrators and staff, who have spent the summer hiring teachers, readying schools, reviewing data on how well we taught, and fine-tuning our academic program, seeing students stroll our hallways is the fruit of a significant root of labor. School is what they do!
  • And for our students who enjoyed summertime in ways only kids can – returning to their BASIS.ed-managed school means rejuvenation and reinvigoration in a place where they are supported and support one another, as their passions and futures are further fostered. Learning is what they do!

Michael and Olga Block at the BASIS Independent Brooklyn ribbon cutting ceremonyThe peerless 20th century poet W.B. Yeats wrote that education isn’t about loading students’ minds with facts. He wrote, “education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” It is about creating passion – a word that BASIS.ed has long actively associated with our teachers, our academic program, and our drive for excellence.

We know your campus becomes a part of the very fabric of your life as a student, a part of your day-in, day-out tumult as a family, your home-away-from-home as a teacher or staffer.

We at BASIS.ed aim to blend seamlessly into the background – while remaining at the forefront of our students’ learning. We strive to make our BASIS.ed community and your school community simple to find, worthy of trust, and something to seek whenever you need it.

We are delighted to welcome back familiar faces, and we are uniquely excited to welcome our new students, new families, and new teachers and staff, along with three new schools: BASIS Chandler Primary – North Campus, BASIS Independent Fremont, and BASIS Independent McLean. You are now part of something that is better, collectively, than each of the talented and (there it is again) passionate individuals who comprise it.

Consider the fire lit once again! After all, school is what we do. Have a fantastic 2016-2017!

Warmest regards,

Michael and Olga Block
BASIS Educational Ventures

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