Butterfly Effect – Michael Holcomb, Artist
Artwork appears at BASIS Phoenix Central

Artist website: mbhonaker.com


The forms in my artworks are developed with 3-dimensional vertex modeling software and original algorithms. They are edited for characteristics of color, transparency and texture. I compose them in a controlled and lighted virtual environment and they are captured in a high-resolution digital image. The images are printed with large inkjet (Giglee) printers using archival ink and papers.

My work with art/technology is well represented in these defining ideas:

“As an artist, my primary challenges and processes are concerned with ‘discovery’. Discovering the formal, rhythmic, spatial, and chromatic relationships that result in a finished piece is an unpredictable, humbling, and often surprising experience. The images I create are records of those richly complex discoveries. As in life, patience, courage, openness to change, to exploration and the confidence to embrace meaningful options when they emerge, can affirm, sustain, and renew.” – Michael Holcomb

TECHNÉ is an epistemological term that Aristotle used to refer to the third form of knowledge in his classification of sciences. Now, commonly understood as mere skill belonging to craft, Techné has lost its original meaning which integrated beauty, art, expertise, technical knowledge, skill and industry: In Aristotle’s time, artistic creativity and technology were not divided.” – Victor Burgin

“‘Poetic Logic‘ is the sensuous apprehension of what we do not yet understand in the presence of reality.” – Frederick Sommer

“‘Phase‘ is a concept that helps us see the variable synchronicity of art and technology. Bach imagined music beyond what his instruments could play. Now we have instruments that can play beyond what can be imagined.” – Gene Youngblood

Michael Holcomb lives and works in Tucson Arizona. His art is displayed in the lobby of every school managed by BASIS.ed.

Dr. Q Mark Reford

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