BASIS.ed Is Hiring

Our teachers don’t come out of thin air. In fact, they come from the professional workforce much more often than they arrive from education programs at the university level! Many of our teachers have real world experience in the subjects they teach, and as you already know, they are always truly passionate about their area of expertise.

Thus it’s a happy and purposeful springtime, again, which means growth for BASIS.ed, too.

BASIS.ed is seeking teachers who want to work in a highly social and uniquely collaborative environment.

We are looking for teachers who:

  • Are passionate about your subject — and the learning experience of your students
  • Are hungry to become a value-added teacher who gives your students access to choices they might otherwise never have
  • Are eager to join a high-energy, high-performing team that gives you real responsibility and leadership opportunities at once
  • Are ready for this challenge right now

As an educational community we:

  • Embrace a system that balances unity and support across our classrooms through common high standards
  • Empower teachers to find innovative ways to meet those standards
  • Provide structured guidance through a network of “Subject Advisers” — mentor teachers sprinkled throughout our schools
  • Will foster your own development as a teacher, encourage your ambition, and will never hand you a fully-written curriculum

Here are a couple of additional key facts about BASIS:

  • Our gold standard international network of schools provides you with incredible opportunity, whether you decide to stay in the classroom and grow as a curricular expert, or move into school management
  • We are growing rapidly, and currently manage open enrollment, tuition free public charter schools in AZ, TX and Washington, D.C.; private tuition-based schools in the great metro areas of Brooklyn, Silicon Valley, and N. Virginia; and the first of many international schools in Shenzhen, China
  • Ours is an environment that’s highly social, supportive and collaborative. Our teacher technology platform ensures that you’ll have crowd-sourced access to the best curricular innovations, syllabi, and lesson plans already generated and actively shared by our teachers across the nation and around the world

All in all, BASIS.ed is the most acclaimed PreK-Grade12 learning community in America, and as such, this is what we tell our prospective teachers:

This is our truth: our schools are great because at their heart is the co-creative life of our classrooms, in which teachers and students are deeply involved together in learning. Since our founding 18 years ago, we have treated the classroom as sacrosanct, and the student-teacher relationship as the most vital part of our program. Not a bad place to invest in yourself, your ambitions, and your passion.

If you know anyone whom you think might make a great teacher, please feel free to send them this piece! BASIS.ed would love to start a conversation, and see if teaching is a potential fit.

Dr. Peter J. Bezanson is the CEO of BASIS.ed. Phil Handler is the Director of Communications, and Managing Editor of Vectors, for BASIS Educational Ventures. Please visit for specific information on careers at BASIS.ed, and jobs that are currently available!


  1. To whom it may concern,

    I am interested in the opportunity to speak with you regarding a teaching position. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss my background.

    Thank you in advance for the opportunity.

    Best Regards,
    Michelle Kolachi

  2. My 34 year old son has 2 children at Basis. One will go into 3rd grade next year and the other will go into 6th at Basis North. My son is very interested in his children’s education and assists them in any way he can. He believes in the Basis philosophy and raves about Basis and its staff and academics. He is also completely blind since the age of 21. My name is Kathy and I’m writing to you to find if Basis has any openings for someone like my son. He is not a teacher, but could possibly be a teaching aid and help give the students an understanding of living with a disability. Thank you.

  3. For all of those who are interested in applying for position with BASIS.ed, please follow this link,, to learn more about our current career opportunities! Thank you.

  4. Hi
    My name is Aidah Alakras and I am seeking a position at Basis San Antonio Primary Medical Center. with my strong believe with the school philosophy and my successful experience that I have gained during my career as a science teacher for many years. I am confident that I can be a valuable asset to the school.
    Please call me back to discuss further my previous experience in teaching.
    Thank you

  5. It has been a passion of mine to help those who aspire to become educated individuals. In addition, I would like to encourage more students to embrace their ethnic backgrounds and be comfortable with finding themselves.

  6. Hello
    I am currently working as a Math Teaching Fellow at BASIS Independent School.I always look forward to meet the students at BASIS.
    As a passionate Teacher I would always motivate the students in learning.
    I am looking for a opportunity to teach the students at BASIS.I have the professional degree in Mathematics and more than 5 years of experience in teaching Math. I am confident that I can do the best as a Teacher.

  7. My name is Sutapa Sengupta. I have around 9 years experience in the corporate sector. Have two master’s degrees. An M.Sc. in Life Sciences and MBA in finance.

    Have always been passionate about being a teacher. Want to start a new direction in my career which will be something that I dearly enjoy, teaching children. Have had past experience in teaching for more than a year in schools. Now the mother of an elementary school kid has given me the chance to actively take part in volunteering various classes and workshops which has interested me immensely to pursue this as a career.

    I am sure I would be able to be an asset for your organisation and bring about a good learning experience for kids.

    Hoping to hear from you soon.

  8. Does your personnel department inform an individual that has applied for the position of Dean at any of the BASIS schools in Arizona if they are not being considered?

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